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Paths to a Doctorate

TU9 Institutes of Technology are prestigious, internationally recognized research universities with a special focus on engineering, computer science and the natural sciences. Founded in the era of industrialization, they have ever since contributed significantly to the development of engineering in Germany. Furthermore, TU9 universities are excellent in research and stand out due to the close cooperation between university, research institutions and industry (download Flyer).


If you decide to do a doctorate at a TU9 University you can choose between different approaches:


Working as a research assistant

The classical path to a doctorate in Germany is the "traditional doctorate". The traditional doctoral candidate, who is not bound by an obligatory doctoral studies programme, is supported by an academic supervisor. Doctoral candidates work as research assistants in engineering departments or research institutions, gaining first work experience as researchers. More information and job vacancies can be found here.

Structured programmes

TU9 Universities also offer the opportunity to take a doctorate as the last and highest university qualification through:

Structured Doctoral (PhD) Programmes, Research Training Groups, Graduate Schools.

How to find a supervisor

Every dissertation has to be supervised by a professor of the chosen University; co-supervisors may be professors from other universities. You must be able to name a supervisor early on in the application process. Thus the first major task for every potential doctoral candidate is to find a supervisor for his or her research project.