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Recreational activities at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Karlsruhe has a lot to offer, including a diverse cultural offering. The Akademisches Auslandsamt - International Office – of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has put together an overview [German only] of theaters and museums, but also bars and dance clubs.

Those who would like to be active in sports next to their studies find an appropriate opportunity at the Hochschulsportzentrum - University Sport Center [German only].


Recreational activities

The almost 60 hectare large campus of KIT lies on the Kaiserstraße, the main street of Karlsruhe and boarders the Hardtwald Forest, which is inviting for a leisurely stroll. The proximity to Alsace and the mild climate of the Rhine River gives the Baden metropolis an almost Mediterranean flair in the summer. Known worldwide is the fan-like ground plan the city has thanks to the Margrave Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach.


Karlsruhe lies in Southwestern Germany on the western edge of Baden-Württemberg and has about 300,000 residents. Located on the river Rhine, the city area boarders Rhineland-Palatinate in the northwest and France in the west.


In Karlsruhe, welcoming new citizens has a special significance and tradition. This is reflected by the fact that the Bürgerstiftung Karlsruhe rewrote the original Privilegienbrief (Charter of Rights), with which the city’s founder attracted new inhabitants, as Karlsruher Bürgerbrief 2015.


The city offers various leisure activities. In German comparison, the cost of living is on an average level. (Living in Karlsruhe)


In case of questions and problems, students are free to contact the International Students Office, the International Students Center of the Studierendenwerk or the members of the AK ERASMUS .