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Project MOOC@TU9

MOOC@TU9 is a joint project of all TU9 universities for cooperatively producing and offering Massive Open Online Courses in the field of engineering sciences. The aim of the project is to develop high-quality and innovative online courses that serve to enrich and improve teaching at TU9 universities. At the same time, the course contents provided will be openly available to a wide range of people from home and abroad who are interested in studying and further education. Accordingly, MOOC@TU9 is part of the (international) university marketing of the TU9 alliance.


Lecture series: „Discover Excellence in Engineering and the Natural Sciences – Made in Germany“

The trial course "Discover Excellence in Engineering and the Natural Sciences - Made in Germany" was conducted as an English-language lecture series of all TU9 universities over nine weeks between October 20th and December 21st 2014. The online-course offered a broad insight into the daily student life of various engineering disciplines. With the help of short presentations and exemplary tasks, the participants were able to learn more about the requirements and the culture of the particular fields of study and got a personal impression of the study conditions at the TU9 universities. In addition, participants had the opportunity to get in contact with each other via discussion forum and chat.
All essential course contents and materials are still available online and can be accessed free of charge via


The trial course covered the following topics:




Since spring 2015 the project MOOC@TU9 has been continuing. The second phase of the project focusses on the cooperative production of specialized MOOC courses in the field of engineering sciences, which will be openly available from summer term 2016.
These courses will on the one hand be addressed to TU9 students and will also be credited in terms of ECTS. On the other hand, the TU9 alliance intends to reach a wide audience of people interested in studying and further education from home and abroad with the help of these courses.


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