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MOOC@TU9 is a joint project of all TU9 universities for a shared production and allocation of Massive Open Online Courses in the field of engineering sciences.

The interactive online courses address various topics in the field of engineering and bundle the expertise of renowned TU9 professors. The cooperation between the nine technical universities on creating and implementing these courses allows course participants to profit from the TU9 alliance’s expert knowledge. Participants also gain insight into a variety of approaches and perspectives on engineering.

This offers the opportunity to join a cross-university learning network – and to deal with course contents irrespective of locations and time zones. Short video lectures will be the central course medium, enhanced by self-tests, forums, and quizzes.

The aim of the project is to develop high-quality and innovative online courses that serve to enrich and improve teaching at TU9 universities. At the same time, the course contents provided will be openly available to a wide range of people from home and abroad who are interested in studying and further education.


The project is sponsored by MINTernational, an initiative of Daimler and Benz Foundation, Daimler Fonds and Stifterverband. It aims at improving the internationality of STEM fields.


Courses offered in winter semester 2016/2017


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