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Universität Hannover: Cluster of Excellence "From Regenerative Biology to Reconstructive Therapy"


The Cluster of Excellence in the area of Regenerative Biology and Reconstructive Therapies (REBIRTH) addresses major challenges to human health. Based both on known biological principles and those yet to be discovered, the vision is to explore and develop new therapeutic concepts that go beyond other contemporary approaches. New therapies in the field of regenerative science and medicine are developed for some of the most devastating disease entities in patients with heart, lung, liver and blood disorders.


Therefore, mechanics of organogenesis, endogenous repair and stem cell biology are being translated into controllable in vitro systems and into disease models with potential clinical application. Researchers believe that elucidating the existence, the characteristics and the role of stem cells in their distinct niches in adult tissue will provide important cues for therapeutic strategies enhancing endogenous regeneration. REBIRTH scientists will continue to investigate novel tissue-specific stem cells and stem cell-supportive cytokines, and to characterise their role in pathology and organ regeneration. Similarly, novel insights into biological principles of mammalian development are identifies within REBIRTH. These will allow investigators not only to improve current protocols for differentiation of stem cells into their specialised derivatives, but also to better understand and advance the generation of bioartificial tissue in vitro.


Another major objective of the programme is to overcome conventional boundaries in medicine by deciphering new interrelationship between disease entities, e.g. regeneration and inflammation, degeneration and infection, or senescence and tumour development. Furthermore, REBIRTH brings together clinicians and biomedical researchers with physical and chemical scientists and engineers. Therefore, biomedical discoveries are being complemented by the development of innovative technologies.


REBIRTH is a joint programme of eight institutions - including Leibniz Universität Hannover and Hannover Medical School - and several other cooperative partners from academia and industry. The project is divided into four research areas (Regenerative Biology; Reconstructive Therapy; Good Practice and Pharmacovigilance; Human Resources) integrating clinical expertise, academic research and industrial developments.



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