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TU9 Leading in the Acquisition of Third-Party Funding in the Engineering Sciences

The TU9 universities are leading in the acquisition of third-party funding in Germany. The TU9 universities regularly lead the way in rankings for the acquisition of third-party funding and gain the following remarkable results: For example in 2008 the total amount of third-party funding for German universities and institutions of higher education was € 4.85 billion, and without medical facilities € 3.64 billion.

Of this the TU9 universities acquired € 1.03 billion (without medical facilities). TU9 members thus acquired a share of 22 per cent of all third-party research funding in that year. (ref.: Federal Statistical Office 2010)

The German universities’ share of third-party funding was some € 3.34, of which the nine TU9 universities acquired a total of € 1.03 billion, or some 31 per cent of university third party funding in 2008.

Third-party funding per professor is 1.5 to 3.6 times higher than average.

A detailed breakdown (including charts and tables) is available here [German ony].



In further rankings TU9 and its members are also always to be found in top groups:

DFG Ranking:

TU9 universities are to be found at the top of the DFG ranking for research funding in engineering. Have a look for yourself – you can find an overview here.


Humboldt Ranking:

TU9 universities are attractive to international scientists, as shown in the Humboldt Foundation ranking: Six TU9 universities are in the top 7 for engineering. The ranking an be seen here.


EU Research Framework Ranking:

Four TU9 members are among the top ten for R & D funding in the 6th EU Research Framework Programme (RFP): Universität Karlsruhe (TH) with € 22 million, RWTH Aachen (€ 27.2 million), TU München (€ 28.5 million) and Universität Stuttgart with € 34.6 million. (ref.: DFG research funding ranking 2006; EU office of Federal Ministry of Education and Research: German participation in the 6th EU RFP according to type of institution, 24th January 2006).