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Excellence in science demonstrated in application

ACCESS is an independent research center associated with the RWTH Aachen University. The strength of ACCESS resides in the expertise of its team in achieving advanced solutions in the field of development and/or optimization of Materials and Processes, with special focus on metallic materials and casting processes. 

Telekom Laboratories

The task of devising promising innovations should be shared jointly between scientists and entrepreneurs. Deutsche Telekom AG has opted for an approach which links these two worlds together. In collaboration with Technische Universität Berlin, it has established the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories on the TU Berlin campus.

EICT: European Center for Information and Communication Technologies The EICT is a public-private partnership of scientific institutions, institutes of applied research and leading industrial companies. The strategic innovation partnership pools and specifically links research and development activities in industry and science to information and communication technologies. more
TU Braunschweig: Galileo

In close cooperation with industry and research institutions, Braunschweig Research Airport has proved itself to be a European test center working on feasibility, verification, validation and certification, in particular in the field of safety-critical traffic applications.

TU Darmstadt: SAP Research Center

 SAP Research's Campus-based Engineering Center (CEC) at the TU Darmstadt was founded in January 2005. The research work focuses on the working environment of the future.


The faculty of computer science at TU Dresden is an official partner of THESEUS, a research program initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology with the goal of developing a new Internet-based infra- structure in order to better use and utilize the knowledge available on the Internet.

Universität Hannover: ISFH For more than 20 years, the purpose of the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln/Emmerthal (ISFH) has been the promotion and execution of research and development in the field of solar energy utilization. more
KIT: Research Center for Information Technology Since 1985 the key busines of the Research Center for Information Technologies (FZI) has been to guide the modern enterprise to innovative solutions in information technologies and their applications. more
TU München: INI TUM

TU Munich's scientific centre of competence in Ingolstadt: The goal of TU München’s branch in Ingolstadt is the creation of a regional centre of competence by means of a close cooperation with AUDI AG.

University of Stuttgart: Institute of Space Systems (IRS)

The institute collaborates worldwide with other research and university facilities as well as industrial partners. The technology transfer from the field of aerospace to industrial applications e.g. in the field of plasma technology has already a long tradition. In other areas like construction of satellites or sensor technology various colaborations do also exist and will be extended further.