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Research Center for Information Technologies (FZI)

Here you can find further information about the Research Center for Information Technologies (FZI).

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U Karlsruhe: FZI text


FZI is a non-profit contract research organisation that concentrates its efforts on novel information technologies for providers of investment and consumer products, of production or business products and of information services, and supports the development of innovative applications, primarily in engineering, on the basis of recent but already proven techniques. The organisation of FZI in that it permits professors to extend their efforts in academic research in the direction of more market-oriented activities, by providing a technical and organisational infrastructure that is particularly congenial to establishing close contacts to industry and service organisations. Most important, FZI offers its members a unique interdisciplinary environment that fosters joint research among diverse fields of Informatics, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Currently, professors from several different faculties co-operate closely under the roof of FZI. The Research Center for Information Technologies in Karlsruhe, Germany, is judged a unique model of interdisciplinary technology transfer that has now been operation successful since 1985. Today, FZI´s close to 100 scientists within 12 research groups, contribute to an annual turnover of some 8 million Euro.