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OncoRay: Center for Radiation Research in Oncology


In 2005 the Center for Innovation in Radiation Oncology in Dresden was established within the framework of the "Create Excellence - Foster Talent" programme of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Building on the international reputation and extensive research infrastructure of the Dresden group, this represents a new, future-oriented research effort in the field of radiation research in oncology which was entitled "OncoRay". This centre is jointly operated by the support of the participating institutes that have agreed to take part in this endeavour (University of Technology of Dresden: Medical Faculty/University Hospital: Experimental Center, Institute of Radiological Diagnostics, Clinic of Nuclear Medicine, Clinic of Radiation Oncology, University Cancer Center; Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: Institute of Energy Technology; Helmholtz-Center Dresden-Rossendorf: Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Institute of Radiation Physics, PET Center).


OncoRay's Vision is to improve the treatment of cancer by means of biologically individualised, technically optimised radiotherapy. Radiotherapy has proven itself as a highly effective method of treating the primary tumour, which can often be completely cured with the result that for many disease sites metastatic cancer, which usually represents the final, fatal stage of the disease, can be avoided. In contrast to other treatment modalities, radiotherapy offers precise spatial distribution of the treatment to individual patients. For these reasons, a replacement is unlikely in the foreseeable future. On the contrary, in the coming decades radiotherapy will be revolutionised through the development of new high-precision delivery techniques and the integration of new advances in molecular biology. This will require the careful interweaving of multiple disciplines, including biology, physics and medicine.


The Goal of OncoRay is to be counted among the best research Centres in the field. To provide for up-and-coming young scientists and to train urgently needed experts in fields where today there are serious shortages, the research component will be combined with an internationally competitive, modular-organised curriculum in the OncoRay Postgraduate School.



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