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The TU9 Electromobility project is a collaboration between German and Chinese universities. Both countries share the goal of making electromobility a key component of future mobility concepts.

TU Braunschweig:Geomagnetic Variations A major goal of this Priority Programme is the identification of dynamo models which comprise major observed properties of Earth's magnetic field and the full spectrum of its spatial and temporal variations, in order to answer the question whether the geodynamo is currently approaching a field reversal period. more
Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungstechnik
TU Braunschweig: Adaptronics for Machine Tools Fundamental research activities to increase the performance of machine tools are in the centre of the new programme. This can be achieved only by applying innovative basic approaches. more
Computational Engineering
TU Darmstadt: Computational Engineering Computational Engineering is now regarded as an equal and indispensable partner, along with theory and experiment, in the advance of scientific knowledge and engineering practice. Numerical simulation enables the study of complex engineering systems and natural phenomena that would be too expensive or dangerous, or even impossible. more
Strahlenlabor der Onkologie
TU Dresden: Center for Radiation Research in Oncology

New building of a centre for patient-oriented radiation research in the Oncology supported by the Saxon excellence initiative.

After the successful procurement of an excellence cluster and a graduate school within the excellence initiative of the federation and its states the TU Dresden succeeded again in the Saxon excellence initiative with further research projects. 

Sonderforschungsbreich 528
TU Dresden: Textile Reinforcement for Structural Strengthening and Repair Since 1999 scientists of the collaborative research centre 528 have been working on the baiscs for usage of textile reinforcement for structural strengthening and repair. With textile reinforcements, ultimate capacity can be improved as well as higher qualities concerning servecability and durability of reinforced concrete structures and timber structures. more
TU München: TUM Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS) The institute for advanced study (TUM-IAS) aims at interdisciplinary research for the most distinguished TUM scientists. It is also attractive to brilliant senior and junior fellows from various disciplines interested in an interdisciplinary perspective.
Sonderforschungsbreich 716
University of Stuttgart: Dynamic simulation of systems with large particle numbers

In the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 716, different institutes of the Universität Stuttgart from the fields of mechanical engineering, physics, biochemistry, and computer science have joined forces in order to develop dynamic simulation methods of systems with large particle numbers for use in industrial research and future development.