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Universität Stuttgart: M.Sc. Engineering Cybernetics


Foto: Universität Stuttgart



Standard length of study: 4 semesters
Language: Deutsch



Graduates of the Master's program in Engineering Cybernetics are experts in the field of system dynamics and control engineering. In these areas, students will learn more advanced approaches and methods compared to other master programs. In addition, they acquire a broad knowledge in modeling and system analysis and receive an advanced education in mathematics.Within their specialization, the students are provided with knowledge of a possible field of application of cybernetic methods.


As experts in the main areas of technical cybernetics, the graduates of the Master's program will be able to contribute to solving interdisciplinary issues. This is one of the main USPs (Unique Selling Points) of Engineering Cybernetics over traditional engineering courses: The broad foundation in mathematics, science and engineering skills, the graduates are not fixed to a particular application or a particular industry. Instead, they can be quickly incorporated because of their methodological training in various application areas and can establish correlations between different disciplines.



Study Programme

Some of the features of the M.Sc. Engineering Cybernetics in comparison to other engineering master's degrees are:

  • a more in-depth training in mathematics above the level of the Bachelor addition,
  • strong focus in the System Sciences,
  • and extensive choices.


The courses of the M.Sc. Engineering Cybernetics can be divided into three areas: System Sciences, Mathematics and specialization and electives. These courses accompany an internship and master thesis.


More information can be found on the website [German only].



Admission Requirements

For admission to the Master's degree in Engineering Cybernetics, a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Technical Cybernetics (minimum six-semesters) or in closely related fields is required.



Further Information

For further information, please visit here the website of the Universität Stuttgart as well as here the website of the degree programme [German only].