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Please find here the TU9-Short Programs, as they were presented at the exclusive TU9-Breakfast Reception within the framework of NAFSA 2016.

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Short Programs, Internships, Research Programs





RWTH Aachen University

TU Berlin

TU Braunschweig

TU Darmstadt

TU Dresden

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

TU Munich

University of Stuttgart






RWTH Aachen University

UROP International @ RWTH Aachen University    

a ten-week research summer school for undergraduate students from North American universities

  • Experience high-level research at RWTH‘s state of the art research facilities 
  • Database contains more than 150 research projects
  • German language classes on four different levels, workshop „introduction to research“, intercultural training, student buddy program and extensive culture and leisure program
  • 30 scholarships for top students from partner universities

More information: www.urop-germany.de






Technische Universität Berlin


TU Berlin Summer University


Summer Language School German


BMS (Berlin Mathematical School) Summer School






Technische Universität Braunschweig

Global Ingenuity Program

Target group: Students majoring in all engineering disciplines and computer science

Duration: 3 weeks (mid-May – end of May)

Partner: University of Virginia


  • 20 Rodman scholars of UVa and 15 students from TU Braunschweig
  • Solution of a real design problem assigned by industry (Volkswagen)
  • 3 week think tank experience in Braunschweig
  • Final presentation at Volkswagen headquarters



Braunschweig Summer Research Program

Target group: Students majoring in all engineering disciplines and computer science

Duration: 3 months (mid-May - mid-August)

Partner:  Purdue University, University of Nebraska at Omaha


  • TU Braunschweig provides topics/project descriptions for special problem courses/bachelor thesis work to the US partners (US students may apply for 3 topics)
  • Matching of the students and projects by Braunschweig faculty
  • Individual supervised research, monitoring
  • Enrollment as exchange students, incl. facilities and benefits
  • Credits: up to 15 ECTS



Braunschweig German Language Program

Target group: German majors and minors, students in exchange in engineering, science, business, English studies

Duration: 7 weeks (June/July)

Partner: All US-partners of TU Braunschweig, ISEP member universities


  • German language (all levels) and culture course
  • Site visits of research facilities and companies in the Braunschweig region, excursions
  • For some partners, the language program is an integral part of the curriculum of the German major
  • Credits: up to 15 ECTS


More information: www.tu-braunschweig.de/international






Technische Universität Darmstadt

Introduction to German Engineering - ItGE

Objective: give undergrad students the opportunity to participate in practical project work in international groups with TU Darmstadt students and visit leading industrial employers as Merck (chemical, medical), Opel (automotive) and Bayer (chemical)

  • June (3 weeks)
  • Costs: housing and living expenses; program fee
  • Offered for selected partner institutions only


IREP - International Research Experience Program

  • Objective: enable undergrad and grad students to participate in ground breaking research using up-to-date methods and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Spring: April–July; Summer: May-August; Fall: September-December
  • Costs: housing and living expenses
  • Scholarships available
  • Offered for selected partner institutions only


More information: www.tu-darmstadt.de/international






TU Dresden

TU Dresden Summer Internship Program

  • Summer internship program for senior undergraduate and graduate students to gain cutting-edge research experience in a wide variety of scientific fields
  • Participants will work in a state-of-the-art laboratory, under the guidance of leading TUD scientists
  • Working language: English
  • Min. 4 weeks – max. 12 weeks from May to September
  • Optional: 4 week intensive German language course

Please contact: Sandy Eisenlöffel (TU Dresden International Office); sandy.eisenloeffel∂tu-dresden.de




Humanities and Social Sciences: „Risk Communication and Risk Narrative”, October 3-7, 2016


Engineering Sciences: “Human Technology Cooperation”, end of September/Beginning of October, 2016


Science: “Symmetries and Phase Transitions – from Crystals and Superconductors to the Higgs particle and the Cosmos”, End of August, 2016


Medicine: “Technology Transfer in Life Sciences, September 26-30, 2016


More information: tu-dresden.de/exzellenz/zukunftskonzept/internationalisierung/internationale_sommerschulen






Leibniz Universität Hannover

Science & Engineering Research Projects  Summer Program    

This program provides students the unique opportunity to obtain practical scientific knowledge as part of a professional research team at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany (LUH).

  • Time: Mid May till begin of August (12 weeks)
  • Costs: 2,700 EUR incl. enrollment, housing, health insurance, company visits etc.
  • Credits: 6 US credits
  • Applicants: undergraduate students (5th semester) from partner universities

More information: www.researchprojects.uni-hannover.de


Experiencing German Engineering Program                 

For students from our partner universities to get their first study abroad experience by getting to know Leibniz Universität Hannover and German Engineering at university and industrial level.

  • Time: Mid May (1 week)
  • Costs: 700 EUR incl. housing etc.
  • Credits: 1 US credit

Applicants: all students from partner universities

More information: www.international.uni-hannover.de/egep.html      


Summer Academy – German language course for engineering or economic students

  • Time: August (3 weeks)
  • Costs: 800 EUR incl. housing
  • Credits: 1 US credit

More information: www.international.uni-hannover.de/sommerakademie.html?&L=1


HISSEMA – Hannover International Summer School of Economics & Management

English lectures in "International Management and Economics" and "German Economy and the European Union“.

  • Time: Mid July to end of August (6 weeks)
  • Costs: 1,500 EUR incl. housing etc.
  • Credits: 5 ECTS

More information: www.wiwi.uni-hannover.de/hissema.html?&L=1






Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Internships/Reseach projects at KIT

  • Where: In an institute at the university or our research center
  • What: Internship/project with academic supervisor
  • When: Flexible
  • Who: Both undergraduate or graduate students, all available fields of study
  • Costs: none

Optional: Application for admission (Enrollment fee approx. 140€ per semester)

Valid health insurance, cost of living

More Information: www.intl.kit.edu/istudies/3175.php






Technical University Munich



Target Group: Undergraduates (after one year of study in engineering or geodesy)

Duration: 4 Weeks (August)

Formats: Academic and Cultural Activities

Costs: 2,000 EUR




Target Group: Undergraduates (with knowledge in quantum phsyics and quantum chemistry)

Duration: 6 Weeks (June/July)

Formats: Academic and Cultural Activities, Including On-Site Visits

Costs: 3,850 EUR




Target Group: Undergraduates (after one year of study)

Duration: 3 weeks (January)

Formats: Academic and Cultural Activities, Including On-Site Visits

Costs: 2,400 EUR




Target Group: International Students

Duration: 3-5 Days (starting in June 2016)

Partners: Corporates and Start Ups







University of Stuttgart


Winter University/Summer University



  • Classes are taught at the University of Stuttgart, students stay with host families in or around the city of Stuttgart


  • Combination of Intensive German language course and English taught subject course
  • No previous German training necessary; full immersion program with accommodation in host families
  • Students receive formal German language training in the mornings and choose from an English taught subject course in the afternoons (e.g. 20th Century Architecture, Cross-Cultural Communication, Contemporary German History, German Film and Literature); all subject courses have integrated excursions
  • Students receive 9 credits for the German language course and 4 credits for the subject course


  • Winter University: January – February, 6 weeks; Summer University: May – June, 6 weeks


  • Students from partner institutions of the University of Stuttgart


  • Approx. 1,100 EUR including accommodation


More information:

Winter University: www.ia.uni-stuttgart.de/iu/essp/Module1/index.html

Summer University: www.ia.uni-stuttgart.de/iu/summeruniversity/index.en.html