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Recreational activities from the TU Berlin

Recreational activities are a priority at the TU Berlin. Next to university sports [German only], numerous clubs and initiatives [Geman only] and choirs exist. Also, the university movie theater [German only] at the TU Berlin promises a diverse and varied offering in order to relax and enjoy one's free time.

Recreational activities

Life in Berlin

The central campus of the TU Berlin lies in the middle of the western city, Berlin, between Tiergarten and Ernst-Reuter Platz, very near the Kurfürstendamms. Further locations are not far from the main campus in Tiergarten and Charlottenburg as well as in Wedding in northern Berlin. Students and staff have different recreational opportunities on campus. Clubs and initiatives offer the opportunity to become involved. The program of the Hochschulsport - University Sports Center - ranges from Aikido to yoga. Diverse cafeterias take care of culinary well-being.

Through its central location, the way is not long to the numerous recreational activities of, with over three million inhabitants, the largest city in Germany. It ranges from countless theaters and museums to a diverse Off-Scene, three opera houses and the most jazz clubs in Europe. More than 6,000 bars and restaurants offer food and drink for any wallet. Over 40 % of the city area is forests, parks and lakes. Countless clubs invite one for recreational sports, and in many types of competitive sports, the capital city belongs to the top. As a culture metropolis and government seat, Berlin attracts people from all over the world. Next to countless political institutions, there are German and international groups, businesses and media centers here.

One should plan 780 euros per month for the cost of living. Students on average spend 272 euros for the full rent in Berlin. About 10,500 dormitory spots are available for the approximately 140,000 students of Berlin academic institutions. Despite this, it is not especially difficult to find an apartment: many use the extensive offers from the private apartment market and live in single apartments, in apartment communities or in sublets.

There is information round about campus life here [German only].