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The Institute of Technology in the Capital of Germany

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TUB Forschungsschwerpunkte


„Deutsche Telekom Laboratories“ – information and communications technologies of the future.

The “Deutsche Telekom Laboratories” were inaugurated on the TU Berlin campus in April of 2004. The Deutsche Telekom AG can now  focus its know-how in a better way by taking full advantage of the TU’s innovative environment. This facility employs 75 researchers who are striving to develop the information and communications technologies of the future. Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to sponsoring a total of four chairs demonstrates just how valuable such cooperation can be. The Deutsche Telekom Laboratories have access to a yearly research budget of 25 million euros.


EICT – Creating new synergies

The “European Center for Information and Communication Technologies” was established as a public-private-partnership. This center brings together and provides networking for development activities that are shared by the TU Berlin and the Fraunhofer Society, Deutsche Telekom AG, Siemens AG
and DaimlerChrysler AG. This innovation center conducts its research activities on the TU Berlin campus, and in doing so it has access to the most densely populated research environment in all of Germany. Close cooperation and direct exchanges between the partners and other campus-based research facilities ideally cover all aspects of the value-added chain in the innovation cycle.


Strategic alliances – Industry’s commitment to TU Berlin's students

There are a number of further strategic alliances with leading industrial firms. "The Center for Knowledge Interchange" (CKI) [German only] is just one example of successful, long-term cooperation, in this case collaboration between the TU Berlin and Siemens AG. Both partners understand the importance of initiating and coordinating common research projects, in addition to promoting young talent.
Both partners are committed to promoting young talent through their support of the successful efforts of the “Center for Change and Knowledge Management” (CWW), which is located at Faculty VII Economics and Management. The center’s long-standing partners include Bertelsmann AG, DaimlerChrysler AG, Hochtief AG and Siemens AG. These firms provide a wide spectrum of support to our students to help them prepare for and to get started in a successful professional career.


Cooperation with Science and Research Institutions

TU Berlin has several Cooperations with Science and Research Institutes [German only]  with partners from outside the university in order to achieve tasks in research and education with various aims and scopes:

  • Strategic cooperations
  • Cooperation with jointprofessorships
  • Cooperations with external fundings of endowed professorships
  • Cooperations with "An-Institutes" of TU Berlin




Multimedia Center for Education and Research


The installation of the Multimedia Center innoCampus is aiming to enhance and expand the existing competencies within the areas of eLearning, eTeaching, eResearch, and eScience at the TU Berlin. Main goals are in particular the stabilisation and sustainability of the different actions, projects and initiatives already running. Furthermore, innoCampus aims at the university-wide dissemination and access provision to already exisiting components, the (further) development of platforms and eLearning/eResearch software, the intensification of internal networking and cooperations, the availability of the infrastructural requirements for the integration of multimedia into the curriculum and the development and testing of new didactical and pedagogical models for the teaching with new media and new technologies.