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Studying at the TU Berlin
TU Berlin Universitätsbibliothek
The Institute of Technology in the Capital of Germany
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The world is shaped by technological advances, from new means of communication to better transportation. TU Berlin is committed to preparing its students for our future world. Passing on knowledge goes hand in hand with analysing and finding solutions to socially relevant problems.

While TU Berlin’s core research and teaching lies in engineering and natural sciences, courses are also offered in planning, social sciences, humanities and economics. Researchers collaborate across the disciplines to find solutions in the fields of energy, shaping human living spaces, health and nutrition, information and communication,
mobility and transport, water and knowledge management. The broad range of subjects has been a key feature of the university since it was re-established in April 1946. The origins of the TU can be traced back to the 18th century, when the oldest of the predecessor institutions were founded, e. g. the Building Academy.

Teaching and research today is carried out in close cooperation with independent research institutions and industry.