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Exchange programs of TU Braunschweig with North America

Students of TU Braunschweig have many opportunities to study in North America: TU Braunschweig has got eleven direct university partnerships with reputable universities in the USA and Canada. It is additionally a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), in which about 125 US universities participate.

A course of studies in North America has a lot to offer: reputable universities, optimal learning and research conditions and excellent student support. All of this has its price, however, as tuition fees amount to – depending on subject and reputation of the academic institution – $10,000 to $25,000. In the exchange programs of TU Braunschweig, you pay no or a significantly reduced tuition; a few programs offer additionally a stipend for the cost of living.

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

This program is a US American exchange organization with 245 academic institutions in 35 countries, from which the half are US American partner academic institutions.
ISEP is a comparatively inexpensive opportunity to study at a US American university. The program is based on a model of mutual financing. Every participant pays tuition, room and board at his or her home university for an exchange partner from abroad. With this, no tuition payment is required in the USA. Also the higher cost of living is largely covered through the program. The participation fee is currently €7500  for a 10 month stay.

All departments at TU Braunschweig participate in this program.


The mobility program, ERASMUS, is the most successful educational program of the European Union. It supports stays abroad from 3 to 12 months at European partner universities.

As opposed to an independent application to a European academic institution, ERASMUS offers the following advantages:

  • Simplified application process
  • Financial support from the program (currently about 100 € per month)
  • Tuition exemption at the partner academic institution
  • Transfer of credits earned abroad to the home university
  • Support at the guest university through the ERASMUS coordinator, who can help, for example, with arranging accommodations.

All information about the ERASMUS program is summarized in the brochure “Studying in Europe”, which is available at the International Office or for download: "Studying in Europe" (PDF, 144 KB) [German only]


For further information:

TU Braunschweig has got a vey extensive network of partner universities within the framework of the ERASMUS program which can be searched in a database [German ony].

The International Office of the TU Braunschweig is happy to answer further questions about the ERASMUS program.


International Office
Postfach 3329
38023 Braunschweig

Phone: +49 (0)531 391 4331  
Fax:     +49 (0)531 391 4332

E-Mail: international(at)tu-braunschweig.de



Exchange programs



Exchange programs have the advantage that many organizational questions are already taken care of for you. In general, you pay no tuition and the transfer of credits is certain. Some programs offer additionally partial or full scholarships.


At the TU Braunschweig there are exchange programs with more than 250 partner universities worldwide.