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Studying at the TU Darmstadt
TU Darmstadt (photo: TU Darmstadt)

Excellence, Interdisciplinarity, Internationality, Theory & Practise and Centres of Research Excellence

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The TU Darmstadt stands for the following claims in research and teaching:

  • EXCELLENCE no compromises:
    strict selection criteria, strong competition and ongoing evaluation guarantee research at the highest level in Darmstadt.
  • INTERDISCIPLINARITY a strong tradition at the TUD:
    excellent Natural-, Engineering-, Humanities- and Social Scientists have cooperated closely in research projects over many decades.
  • INTERNATIONALITY creates added value:
    as a strong partner in European networks with worldwide cooperations, the TUD has the ideal environment for forward-looking research.
    fundamental and applied research are closely interwoven here at the location where Science and Industry meet Darmstadt.
  • CENTRES OF RESEARCH EXCELLENCE are particular strengths of the TUD:
    interdisciplinary competences are intricately connected, creating an infrastructure that allows for a high degree of research efficiency.