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TU Darmstadt: Germany's first autonomous university

The Technische Universität Darmstadt doesn't just count among the strongest academic institutions nationwide in research and teaching. It is also more independent and self-reliant than any other German university with a public order. The university with legislated far-reaching autonomy since January 1, 2005 understands its status as an order to continued innovation.

The TU Darmstadt would like to put a strong accent on research, but lays also emphatic value on teaching and studying. The TU Darmstadt legally guarantees its students to intensively advise them, orient them and to create the conditions that make a high quality, quick course of study up to a successful degree possible.

The switch to Bachelor and Master degree programs is in full effect; the degrees would be fully recognized by the best domestic and foreign technical universities in the case of a transfer. The combination of technological and economic content, supplemented by foreign languages and stays abroad, offer graduates excellent chances in the working world. Characteristic for the TUD is the research-related education that allows students to already evaluate scientific questions about the current state of technology during their studies.

Strict selection criteria, competition and constant evaluation guarantee research at the highest level at the TU Darmstadt. Interdisciplinarity has tradition: at the TUD, natural scientists, engineers, academics of humanities and social scientists have researched in close cooperation for many years. The TU Darmstadt takes a leading roll in international networks as a strong partner. The connection of biotechnology, biology, medicine and engineering to create the focal point of biological-technical systems bears fruits. Whether technical currents and burning, mechatronics, functional materials, civil research or integrated traffic systems, whether core and ray physics or E-learning – the TU Darmstadt possesses future competence fields and offers a climate of creativity.

In diverse evaluation procedures and rankings of the past few years, the TU Darmstadt always ranks among the best technical universities in Germany. By the way, the TU Darmstadt is at this point the only university in Hessen to adopt a set of basic rules.