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Studying at the TU Dresden
TU Dresden Unigebäude mit Turm

Knowledge Builds Bridges

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Building bridges between science and industry, between different scientific disciplines as well as between university, society and political life is a central concern of TU Dresden.

Technische Universität Dresden dates back to the "Technische Bildungsanstalt Dresden", founded in 1828. TU Dresden thus ranks among the oldest technical-academic educational establishments in Germany. In the meantime it is also one of the strongest in research. With almost 35,000 students, it is now the largest university in Saxony. Committed to the natural sciences and engineering before the reunification of Germany, it has since developed into a full university through the foundation of additional new faculties in humanities, social sciences and medicine.

With a total of 14 faculties, TU Dresden is one of the universities offering the greatest range of courses in Germany.