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TUM Mission Statement: The best connections worldwide

Technische Universität München is proud to have its own close network that links it to universities throughout the world. Our good contacts with these partner universities, which now number 140, facilitate the exchange of researchers and students. For the time being, they are predominantly upheld by various exchange programs. The following programs deserve particular attention: TUMexchange, LAOTSE and our Double Degree Program [all three German only], as well as to our subsidiary in Dependance in Singapore.


New agreements and programs are continually being drawn up with foreign universities and international networks as part of this internationalisation process. TUM currently focuses on three regions: South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America – not to forget the good relations we maintain with our neighbours here in the European Union, however. We have signed exchange treaties with over 250 universities, sponsored by the EU Commission's Erasmus Program [German only]!


TUM now offers every student the chance to study for a term or complete an internship abroad. Moreover, six of our faculties currently offer anyone with higher aspirations an opportunity to qualify for a certificate from a foreign university in addition to his/her TUM diploma or Master of Science (MSc). By the winter term of 2008/2009, all our courses in every subject should have converted to the dual Bachelor/Masters degree system. This will serve to increase our students' flexibility and mobility further still.


To make the options even more attractive for foreign students, the list of Masters degree courses in English designed for an international audience is constantly being added to. This will make it easier for international undergraduates to switch to a TUM course of study. We wish to point out, however, that we attach importance to the inclusion of German courses in these subjects, too. The lectures and practical exercises held in English will also be a good preparation for German students who wish to spend a spell abroad.


Visiting scientists will be included in these international courses of study. Not only Alexander v. Humboldt scholarship holders but also holders of a grant from the DAAD or other organisations enjoy coming to Munich for periods of research as TUM's guests, since the individual institutes and departments also maintain excellent connections with their colleagues in other countries who work in the same fields of research. So it is not surprising that lots of TUM scientists take part in international research schemes and the EU programs for research and technological development.


TUM students are offered plenty of appropriate language programs, in order to prepare them for their spell abroad. Foreign undergraduates can also join Preparatory courses for the TestDaf examination and parallel German courses.

Participate in our international network! Should you have any queries about periods of study abroad or TUM's foreign exchange program, please do not hesitate to write to the contact persons at the International Center.


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