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Studying at the TU München
TU München Unigebäude

Top-level Research in the Heart of Bavaria

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'At home in Bavaria, successful in the world'. That is our motto, linking provenance and posterity. Our graduates are active throughout the globe, our professors at home on an international platform. The secret of our success comprises numerous components: competence in one's field of special interest; communicativity with associate departments; cross-curricular, transdisciplinary team spirit, alliances with professional practice. Unafraid of taking risks, we are breaking new scientific ground. Ingenuity and normality, ivory tower and workbench, lecture room and laboratory, traditional beer brewing and 'virtual reality' – the Technische Universität München nurtures all these features under its collective roof.


True to our origins, ever since the Technische Universität München was founded as a 'polytechnic school' at the heart of Europe in 1868, we have played an active role in transforming Bavaria from an agricultural state to a high-tech location. Rooted in this tradition we created a powerful international network. We are now an international university. One in every four undergraduates within a total student body of approximately 20,000 comes from abroad. The four-leaf clover symbolises our scientific spectrum: natural sciences, engineering sciences, medicine, life sciences.

 In our capacity as an up-to-date entrepreneurial university, we pin our hopes on the vast range of human skills, identifying and sponsoring talent. We create teams by pooling new strengths. This leads to top performance and supports Corporate Identity.


Creative licence in the multifaceted world of science ranks high at the TU München. This particularly applies in the case of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study currently under development. It is based on the conviction that an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration, freedom and unbureaucratic support is the most productive source of progress for outstanding scientists.


One of our visions is the goal of becoming the most attractive technical university for women in Germany. With the help of unconventional measures, we want to create a seat of learning and a workplace that complies with the special needs of women and young families.



Philosophy of the TU München


1. Top-level international research
We are a globally acclaimed research university with tradition. We achieve top results in technology, the sciences and medicine. The new high technologies and life sciences are our core competences.


2. Scientific exchange and cosmopolitan outlook
We encourage scientific exchange. Our university culture is cosmopolitan and hospitable. The interdisciplinary work accounts for a large proportion of our activities. We collaborate with renowned companies, universities and research institutions on a national and international level.


3. Excellent tuition
We produce highly qualified graduates. Our junior scientists can give their innovative spirit a free rein. It is precisely in this point that we see the opportunities for a perpetual regeneration of our university.


4. Science and technology for humankind
The ongoing development of science and technology is our mission. Not for its own sake, however, but to place the benefits for our society centre stage. Technological and scientific progress has to respect people's dignity, sustainable business and the protection of the environment. We uphold clear academic goals: cultural sensitivity and social competence are just as important as professional pre-eminence and economic infrastructures.


5. Close connections with practice
We continually adapt to new requirements in terms of both degree courses and further education, accelerating the transfer of knowledge and technology between the university and the fields of implementation as we do so. Because careers and professional qualifications are nowadays characterised by 'life-long learning'.


6. Modern management
We accept the challenges imposed on the 'entrepreneurial university' by today's society and business world. It is with this in mind that we have created contemporary organisational and management structures. We regularly set up new fields of development between science and industry. And we are committed to the performance principle.


7. Dialogue with the public domain
We communicate with the public domain. Because it is important that society realises what we are contributing to our future in terms of science and technology.


8. Support and performance
Our private and industrial sponsors play an important role in enabling us to pursue our resolute aim of holding and increasing our lead in the face of global competition.