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Studying at the Universität Hannover
Universität Hannover Eingang des Bibliotheksbebäudes

Shaping the Future with Knowledge

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text UNIH Studieren an der Universität Hannover

Founded in 1831 by the scholar Karl Karmarsch, the “Higher Trade School of Hannover” started with only 64 students. Today this number has grown to 23,000.

Students are attracted to Leibniz Universität Hannover by the broad variety of courses, with more than 60 subjects and a choice of some 160 full-time and part-time courses in natural sciences and engineering, humanities and social sciences, as well as in economics and management and law. Traditionally, the strength of the university lies in the outstanding training in the engineering and natural sciences.

A wide spectrum of research partnerships is indicative of practice-oriented research and teaching. An example of this can be seen at the Production Technology Centre (PZH), a research complex unique in Europe. Here research into and development of complex production technology is carried out on a 22,000 m² site by six institutes from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and their industrial partners. Students work directly with production industry. In close cooperation with Hannover Laser Centre e.V. and the university’s Institute of Gravitation Physics, the Max Planck Society has built up an international centre for gravitational wave astronomy.

L3S, the research centre for innovative learning technology, is situated near the Welfenschloss (royal palace). Together with international partners e.g. Stanford University, USA, a virtual campus has been created for e-learning in all subjects.