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TU9 - Excellence in Engineering and the Natural Sciences - Made in Germany

TU9 is the alliance of leading Institutes of Technology in Germany. The member universities stand for excellent research and teaching in engineering and the natural sciences. The members of TU9 are:


RWTH Aachen TU Berlin TU Braunschweig TU Darmstadt TU Dresden

Leibniz Universität Hannover KIT TU München Universität Stuttgart


What Do the TU9 Universities Stand for?

Universities with Tradition


The forerunners to the TU9 Universities were founded in the 18th and 19th centuries. They played a major role in establishing the brand "Made in Germany". Numerous Nobel Prize winners and famous inventors have conducted research here.


Strength in Research


The members of the TU9 alliance are excellent in research: Their scientists achieve outstanding research results, to the benefit of society. This can also be seen in the large number of patents granted to TU9 researchers and top positions reached for attracting third-party funding.


International Character


The TU9 Universities cooperate with reputed partner universities all over the world. Students and scientists thus have particularly good opportunities to take part in exchanges. The proportion of international students at TU9 Universities is also above average.


Practical Relevance


The TU9 Universities cooperate closely with large and medium-sized enterprises. International and national companies invest in research and teaching at TU9, e.g. in endowed professorships and dissertations. Such cooperation enables students to gain practical experience during their studies and to make contacts for their later professional life.


Interdisciplinary Nature


In a complex world, innovations are possible only through the interaction of different disciplines. Scientific work means going beyond subject boundaries in a creative way. This is already crucial during your studies. The TU9 Universities therefore offer not only interdisciplinary modules in the traditional degree courses but also numerous combined degrees such as industrial engineering or biotechnology.


What Do the TU9 Universities Have to Offer?


A Wide Range of Courses


The TU9 Universities offer excellent education in over 900 degree courses. The emphasis is on engineering and the natural sciences. In addition, you can also study economics and business administration, the humanities and social sciences at the TU9 Universities - as an important addition to engineering courses and as subjects in their own right.


International Education


The TU9 Universities offer more than 130 master's courses held in English. Through international partnerships, students are able to study abroad or to take double degrees. The introduction of bachelor's and master's degrees has created excellent conditions for students to change universities across international borders.



Good Career Prospects

With their sound education, graduates of TU9 Universities are much sought after - not only in Germany. A TU9 degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities in international industry and research. Many senior managers of leading German enterprises, for instance, are TU9 graduates.


General Key Qualifications

During their degree course, students acquire not only knowledge of their subject but also key qualifications and foreign language skills. Internships and stays abroad are integral parts of their studies. Students at TU9 Universities are thus optimally prepared for their later professional activity - also in an international context.



Attractive Cities

All TU9 Universities are located in major German cities with at least 150,000 inhabitants or more. All cities provide public transport systems and can easily be reached by train. There are many cultural and leisure activities to choose from. Besides, all the nine cities have a long and interesting history to offer and are located not far from beautiful countryside.


The map shows where the TU9 Universities are located in Germany.