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TU Darmstadt: Graduate School of Computational Engineering


The Graduate School of Computational Engineering at TU Darmstadt deals with computer based modeling, simulation, analysis, and optimization.

Computational Engineering (CE) itself describes a multidisciplinary area integrating applied mathematics, computer science, and engineering sciences. Within the past years, CE has been established as an independent academic enterprise. Permanently improved methods and increased computational capacity will provide CE with large capabilities for solving complex engineering problems also in future.


The Graduate School CE focuses on three key research areas:

  • Modeling and simulation of coupled multi-physical problems
  • Simulation based optimization
  • Hierarchical multiscale modeling and simulation


Several research projects investigate the potentials of future mobile communication or the efficiency of power supply systems, concerning the simulation of wind energy plants and combustion processes for example.

Another topic of interest is the minimization of cellular phone radiation while increasing reception and voice quality of mobile devices.


Student with simulated satellite
Foto: TU Darmstadt, Katrin Binner, DSA

To keep quality and effectiveness of graduate education and research on a high level the Graduate School offers to all students an adequate environment, which also integrates non-technical aspects.


Characteristic properties include:

  • Multidisciplinarity
  • International and intercultural exchange
  • Integrated training of “Soft Skills”
  • Fast track option for CE master students
  • Financial support of all accepted students
  • Close cooperation with partners from science and industry
  • High performance computing environment



The Graduate School CE institutionalizes a doctorate with multidisciplinary background. It therefore complements the already established Research Focus in CE at TU Darmstadt as well as the according bachelor and master study programs. That way, the Graduate School completes all existing initiatives at TU Darmstadt within the field of CE in both, research and education.



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