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TU Braunschweig/Marek Kruszewski

The aim of the MOOC@TU9 continuation phase (01/04/2015 – 30/04/2017) was the production of MOOC offerings within the thematic field of engineering sciences which were developed as well as produced cooperatively in collaboration of at least two TU9 facilities each, and afterwards could be used in all facilities.

Aside from German- and English-speaking courses on communication acoustics, transport ecology, and contemporary urban planning, renowned professors of the areas of expertise presented open online courses on aircraft engines and on the development process of technical systems.

After successful completion of the course a certificate of participation could be acquired. The courses were curricular embedded for a selection of degree programmes within the network, but students from outside the TU9 alliance and the interested public were addressed with the offer, too.

Altogether more than 3000 people participated in the offered courses in winter semester 2016/2017, and profited from the bundled engineering know-how of the TU9.

The project aimed at building up experiences collectively on the issue of MOOCs, and is to be understood as an instrument for an ongoing improvement and extension of the course offerings at TU9 universities.

Also, after the end of the project the contents and courses are still available as far as possible, and will be organised again in summer semester 2017.


Courses of 2016/2017


The project is sponsored by MINTernational, an initiative of Daimler and Benz Foundation, Daimler Fonds and Stifterverband. It aims at improving the internationality of STEM fields.


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