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Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Deutsche Telekom

Here you can find further information about Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.

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TU Berlin: Telekom Laboratories

Innovations in the information and communications environment are transforming the globe, and provide the basis for sustainable economic development. They may be inspired by customers, or motivated by research to find a superior solution for a familiar problem.


The task of devising promising innovations should be shared jointly between scientists and entrepreneurs. Deutsche Telekom AG has opted for an approach which links these two worlds together. In collaboration with Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), it has established the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories on the TU Berlin campus. Our mission: To conduct pioneering research into innovative information and telecommunications technologies with a pronounced market emphasis.


Here, leading scientists collaborate with Deutsche Telekom experts to translate their visions for the future design of information technology and telecommunications into reality. In this way, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories pool the know-how of Deutsche Telekom AG with the expertise of some of the world’s top research scientists. Deutsche Telekom Laboratories serves as a crystallization point, where cutting-edge knowledge is boldly transformed into revolutionary technologies of the future.