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TU Berlin: European Center for Information and Communication Technologies (EICT)

The EICT is a public-private partnership of scientific institutions, institutes of applied research and leading industrial companies. The strategic innovation partnership pools and specifically links research and development activities in industry and science to information and communication technologies. This industry is the Europe's largest and one of the decisive growth engines of Europe's national economies. 

EICT represents long-standing commitment of the partners and is based on the campus of the Technical University of Berlin. Due to the geographical proximity the various competences and resources of the EICT partners are brought together and specific knowledge and technology transfer are supported. This is to promote long-term research programs and topics, and to accelerate the conversion of these into marketable products and services along the value chain.

All projects and initiatives deal with the potential of global information and communication technology in every day life. It is about the increase in quality of life and security by improving interaction between humans and about increasing productivity by efficiently using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in the application sectors. These are ambitious and challenging targets which can only be met with special effort. This is because it requires partners who expand the limits of technology, describe new technology fields with clear visions and then specifically work on the new applications which are to benefit us all.


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