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TU Darmstadt: Cluster of Excellence "Smart Interfaces"


Center of Smart Interfaces The major research goals of this project encompass the understanding, design, development and application of Smart Interfaces, in particular in the physical and engineering sciences. A primary objective of the organisational structure of the Cluster was to establish an international focal point for interdisciplinary research in the afore mentioned areas. Therefore, the Center of Smart Interfaces (CSI) has been established. Here, research, teaching and exchange activities of the Cluster take place.


A major goal of the CSI is to facilitate communication and exchange of knowledge among the key disciplines involved, not just at the TU Darmstadt, but on an international scale, in order to promote top-level research, international competitiveness and excellent training facilities for young researchers. The CSI focuses on phase interfaces at which fluidic phases (gas and/or liquid) interact with a solid surface. Such fluid-solid interfaces and the associated interfacial phenomena are ubiquitous in our daily lives and represent key technologies in many established and emerging fields. Five interrelated research areas form the Cluster in which high potential for innovation and promise for technology transfer to industrial applications can be recognised:


  • Static and Dynamic Wettability
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • Near-Wall Reactive Flows
  • Near-Wall Multiphase Flows
  • Drag and Circulation Control


For further information on the cluster click here.


To get an impression about the work at the CSI, have a look at this video.