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TU Dresden: Textile Reinforcement for Structural Strengthening and Repair


This interdisciplinary project deals with the development and testing of innovative composite materials, arising e.g. from the insertion of technical textiles into a concrete matrix. These new materials can be used both for the production of concrete components and the restoration and reinforcement of already existing buildings. In contrast to steel, the fibre materials used, e.g. carbon or glass, are not corrosion-sensitive. As they also show high strength, it is possible to create reinforcements from textile-reinforced concrete in very small dimensions.


In theoretical and experimental investigations, the five sections of the collaborative research centre (crc) 528 "Textile Reinforcement for Structural Strengthening and Repair" deal with the fundamentals of the materials, the mechanical description, the detailing and the dimensioning, the techniques of applying, the realisation on the site and the long-term behaviour.


The project has been established in 1999 and the funding for basic research ended in 2011. However, research is going on with a focus on putting the outcomes into practice. The scientists have been successful in winning excellent industry partners who are greatly interested in applying research results.



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