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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: M.Sc. Computer Science



Standard duration of studies: 4 semesters
Language: German


Computer Science forms a part of almost all aspects of our lives - from cars, planes and mobile phones to domestic appliances and, of course, computers and the internet. IT systems influence a variety of processes, e.g. in medicin, biotechnology, traffic, media and communication fields.

Thus, Computer Science changes and influences everyday live and therefore our culture as well.


The master's programme in Computer Science has a modular structure and offers students to organize the curriculum according to their own interests.


Course Content

The Master's program has a modular structure without compulsory courses. Instead there is a great choice of modules for the entire study. The course is divided into Majors and elective & supplementary subject.


Two major subjects can be chosen. Those majors may be:

  • Theoretical foundations
  • Algorithm Design
  • Cryptography and Security
  • Operating systems
  • Parallel processing
  • Software Engineering and Compiler Construction
  • Process Automation
  • Design of Embedded Systems and Computer Architectures
  • Telematics
    The ARMAR;
    Foto: KIT/Thomas Klink
  • Information systems
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Anthropomatics
  • Cognitive Systems


As guidance for choosing the majors, at least three core modules must be finished in the first year of study. Core modules are:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Real-time Systems
  • Formal Systems
  • Cognitive Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Telematics


Furthermore, one elective module has to be completed. You can choose freely from the full range of modules offered at the Department of computer science. The size of the elective course depends on the size of the chosen majors.

The elective module is intended to provide specialized knowledge in one of the many applications of computer science. You can choose one of the following modules:

  • Genetics
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Legal
  • Sociology
  • Economics


Part of the course is the acquisition of professional and technical skills and qualifications. At the end of the degree course, students work on their master’s thesis. A period of six month is reserved for the project.




Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the master's degree course in Computer Science are:

  • A Bachelor's degree or at least an equivalent degree from a university, college or vocational college or from a foreign university, where the study has been completed with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits or with at least a three-year standard period of study in computer science or a related field as well as

  • Minimum skills provided in at least three of the four areas of theoretical computer science, practical computer science, technical computer science and mathematics, where the minimum skills are fulfilled in one area, when in
    • Theoretical computer science performance to the extent of at least 15 ECTS
    • Practical computer science performance to the extent of at least 20 ECTS
    • Technical computer science performance to the extent of at least 6 ECTS and
    • Mathematics performance to the extent of at least 20 ECTS
    were provided.



Further Information

For further information, please visit the website of the department as well as here.