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RWTH Aachen University - Thinking the Future

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The Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments gave a strong boost to the targeted development of RWTH Aachen University. By implementing its new institutional strategy, RWTH Aachen was able to strengthen all areas of the University and enhance their profiles. In the process it has gained great momentum, which can be seen, among other things, in the extensive building activities currently underway.

Visible evidence of this is the RWTH Aachen Campus that is being developed in close cooperation with business and industry and which is to form one of the largest research campuses in Europe. Students and employees of RWTH Aachen will benefit equally from these developments and are expressly invited to get involved in shaping the individual initiatives.

RWTH Graduates in High Demand
With its 260 institutes in nine faculties, RWTH Aachen is among the leading European educational and research institutions. 40,375 students in 127 courses of study are registered for the winter semester of 2013/14, including 6395 international students from more than 120 countries. Teaching at RWTH Aachen is first and foremost application-oriented. Its graduates are therefore sought-after as junior executives and leaders in business and industry. Many board members of German corporate groups studied at RWTH Aachen.

Research Centres, Collaborations and Patents
The work of the research centres of RWTH Aachen is closely oriented towards the current needs of business and industry. This leads to numerous developments and inventions that are patented and exploited. The competence centres of RWTH Aachen achieve very effective cross-subject, inter-faculty collaboration in interdisciplinary networks such as JARA, the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance between RWTH Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich.  The University’s innovative capacity is further reflected in the high number of business start-ups, currently more than 1,400. As a result, around 32,000 jobs have been created in the region in the last 25 years. Furthermore, RWTH Aachen is the largest employer and education provider in the region.

The Vision
RWTH Aachen aims to be an internationally recognized university with lasting excellence in research and teaching that trains outstanding academics and well-qualified young leaders for industry and society. All members of the University, including the students, pledge to support a joint high-performance culture.