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Special recreational activities at the RWTH Aachen University

In Aachen’s student scene, one can find numerous organizations in which new students are also naturally welcome. Among others, there is a student orchestra [German only] as well as a student-organized movie theatre [German only]. Naturally, the RWTH Aachen University also offers special sport opportunities for its students. From the many offerings of the University Sports Center [German only], there is guaranteed something for everyone.

Recreational activities


Life in Aachen

The RWTH is not a campus university. Its buildings are distributed between three core areas. The majority are in the northwest part of the city, within and outside of the city center.
The cost of living (room, board, learning materials, insurance) lies at about 650-700 euros per month for students. A room in a residence hall costs between 133 and about 200 euros per month. The capacity, though, is limited, so that one must count on waiting time for a dorm room. A room in a private apartment costs between 160 and 300 euros.
Sports play an important integrative role at the university. The University Sports Center offers 80 different types of sports. With international sports camps, the university sports make an important contribution to mutual understanding. Since 2004, there are yearly sporting competitions with the partner universities TU Delft, Imperial College London and ETH Zürich.


Student choirs and orchestras, theater and music groups, films and cabaret, numerous social and political initiatives function within the university and beyond and also give the city scene an unmistakable impulse. Aachen is geographically the furthest west large city in Germany and lies in the federal state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. The city finds itself in the “3 Country Triangle” between Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Brussels and Paris are quickly reachable, thanks to the fast train “Thalys”. The volcanic influenced central mountains of Eifel and the forest mountains of the Ardennes between the Mosel and Maas Rivers are popular recreational areas close to town.


Old Aachen residents speak a Rhineish dialect, the so called “Öcher Platt“. It has a unique melody that is often referred to as sing-song. But – don’t panic! – Aachen’s residents also understand standard German.


Aachen is, with 250,000 residents, a “small large city” with tradition and history. The Romans valued the hot water springs of Aachen, and Charlemagne made Aachen his residence city. Today, life in the city is very strongly influenced by the over 40,000 registered students. To the historic cityscape belong winding alleys, the famous Aachen cathedral, large pedestrian zones and above all, the many fountains and – not to forget – the many bars.