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Architekturstudenten TU München

Architects shape the environment we live in: Apart from the technical pre-requisites and conditions they first and foremost deal with the aesthetic aspects of buildings, land- and cityscapes.

Bauingenieurwesen an der TU Braunschweig
Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is among the oldest disciplines in engineering. It deals with the planning and construction but also the maintenance of all kinds of buildungs.

Exo-Skelett TU Berlin
Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers deal with the technical development of devices and processes that are - at least in part - based on electrical energy. Thus, their area of study and work covers almost every realm of everyday life.

Computer Science

Computer Science deals with how information and data automatically can be stored, processed and exchanged. The study of Computer Science is not only about programming for computers and mobile phones but  for any machine involving data processing.

Maschinenbau TU Darmstadt
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a classic engineering discipline and one of the most important branches of industry in Germany. It deals with the construction and production of machines of all kinds and dimensions.

Materials Science
Materials Science and Engineering

Many innovations in technology and everyday life would not be possible without high-performance, tailor-made materials. Materials Science is the study of the structure of materials, their properties and application possibilities.


Mathematics do not only play an essential role in the development of abstract theories, but also in a very wide spectrum of applications such as: time scheduling at airports and train stations, express delivery... Therefore mathematics is gaining importance in our daily routines.

Studierende TU Darmstadt
Chemical and Process Engineering

Chemical and Process Engineers deal with biological, chemical, and physical processes. They develop production methods for all kinds of commodities on the basis of their expertise in mathematics and the natural sciences.

Hörsaal RWTH Aachen
Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineers are generalists: Because of their knowledge in Economics and Engineering Sciences, they can build bridges between the disciplines.