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International networks and partnerships

The Technische Universität München maintains partnerships and exchange programs with numerous international universities. The purpose of a partnership is to deepen the relationships, improve the transfer of knowledge and enhance mutual understanding. Partnership contracts are designed to anchor existing or forthcoming liaisons between the two universities concerned on a sound legal footing. As well as being a platform for research or student exchange programs, a partnership or cooperation also provides an opportunity for participating in the scientific events staged by the other university (or of jointly conducting such events) and exchanging scientific and informative publications. The partnership also serves a cultural political purpose by establishing relationships with comparable universities of science and technology in other countries.


International university partnerships and partner universities of the TU München


TUMi (TU München international)

Through its work, TUMi provides a contact point for international students where you can ask questions or get help. They can advise you, help you adjust quickly to life in Munich and provide you with a chance to meet other students with similar experiences.


TUMinternational helps with starting a new semester in Munich as well as an extensive cultural programme throughout the term. The programme is available for all international students at TUM, whether full time or on exchange.


At the beginning of each semester there is an orientation week. During this week we can assist you with visits to government departments, opening bank accounts, finding your way around the university and German language training. We also offer TUMi city tours, visits to museums, excursions and parties.


All TUMi activities are led by student tutors. Many tutors are former exchange students or come from international backgrounds, so they know what it’s like to be a new student in a foreign country.


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