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Nine major Technical Universities


All of the TU9 universities have a long tradition to look back on and enjoy an excellent reputation among universities at home and abroad. Founded in the age of industrialisation, they have played a significant part in the development of engineering science ever since. Their scientific potential, range of courses and student numbers have grown continuously over a period of almost 200 years. This common ground forms the basis of their cooperation in the university association TU9.


Of paramount importance to TU9 is the promotion of science and research in engineering and natural science.



TU9 fulfils this aim by:

  • strategically coordinating and positioning scientific development at technical universities in Germany,
  • staging scientific events,
  • supporting young scientists and students,
  • cooperating with the federal states of the respective universities, scientific organisations and organisations promoting science,
  • cooperating with the State Rectors’ Conferences and the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK),
  • cooperating with industry and business to promote and maintain Germany’s international pre-eminence in technology,
  • formulating university and educational policies and communicating them,
  • cooperating with foreign universities and taking care of scientists visiting German technical universities.


TU9 is especially committed to furthering a positive attitude to technology in society at large


TU9 is currently focussing on the following topics

  • quality assurance and accreditation
  • doctorates in engineering
  • funding research and teaching
  • admission of national and international university applicants
  • structural development
  • transition to bachelor / master
  • cooperation with external research centres
  • standardised German tests for international university applicants
  • human resources development
  • international matters


The TU9 members co-ordinate their activities

  • when cooperating with national, European and other international organisations
  • in international marketing
  • in offshore projects, in the form of university start-up ventures or the export of study programmes and structures
  • in quality assurance, with great value being placed on the international relevance of quality assurance programmes
  • in benchmarking



RWTH Aachen TU Berlin TU Braunschweig TU Darmstadt TU Dresden

Leibniz Universität Hannover KIT TU München Universität Stuttgart