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University of Stuttgart - World-Class Research University

Universität Stuttgart


The University of Stuttgart lies at the centre of one of largest high-tech regions in Europe with global players such as Daimler and Bosch, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and renowned research institutions. Founded in 1829, the former Institute of Technology has developed into a research-intensive university with a predominantly engineering and natural science orientation. Its special profile includes linking these subject areas with the humanities and social sciences.

Its outstanding position is reflected in its two projects supported by the federal and state Excellence Initiative, the Cluster of Excellence “Simulation Technology” and the Graduate School “Advanced Manufacturing Engineering”, as well as in its participation in a number of collaborative research centres and research training groups. The research activities of the University of Stuttgart focus on the following eight interdisciplinary areas: Modelling and Simulation Technologies, New Materials, Complex Systems and Communication, Technology Concepts and Technology Assessment, Sustainable Energy Supply and Environment, Mobility, Integrated Product and Production Design, and the Design and Technology of Sustainable Living Spaces. In order to expand its leading position in these fields, University of Stuttgart wishes to further strengthen its research excellence in interdisciplinary cooperation networks, improve its international profile and concentrate on global issues for the future. Behind this is the vision of thoroughly investigating the entire creation and life cycle of products. This includes engineering and realisation as well as the evaluation of the sustainability of technical innovations.

With the Institutional Strategy ARENA2036, which brings researchers from university institutes and industry together under one research factory roof in the area of production and lightweight engineering, the University of Stuttgart has entered a new era of research partnerships. This project is part of the Cooperative Research Campus, which is also home to the research areas eHumanities (Digital Culture & Technology), Information Technology, and Energy Storage/ Systems. The Cooperative Research Campus aims to exploit the constellation - unique in Europe - of the four powers from university, external research institutions, industry and society to combine regional resources in facing the global challenges of the future.

With this focus the University of Stuttgart has become a globally sought-after institute of higher education with a comprehensive range of subjects. More than 26,000 students, including 20 percent from abroad, are registered in almost 150 institutes in ten faculties, There are some 120 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, including twelve international master’s programmes held in English. In addition, there are double degree programmes with universities from all over the world. Every year more than 2,000 graduates enter the workforce.

The International Office provides a “Welcoming Service” for new international students. Orientation weeks at the beginning of the semester, support with formalities, provision of tutors, organisation of events and excursions are as much a part of the service as the intensive support though language courses.