TU9 Conference

Future of Internationalization – Strengthening Excellence, Shaping Strategy

Strategically oriented internationality is not only a prerequisite for excellent research, it is also a basic principle of professional university governance and essential for the further development of universities.

In a highly volatile global society, internationally operating organizations need to be agile - both to stay at the forefront of a dynamic international research landscape and to cope with international crises.

The two-day event of the TU9 Alliance on June 22 and 23, 2023, enabled an exclusive exchange in a small circle against the background of the process for the further development of the "Strategie der Wissenschaftsminister/innen von Bund und Ländern für eine Internationalisierung der Hochschulen“. The event is also intended to formulate joint positions and needs of universities with strong research capabilities.
Invited were university administrations of research-strong universities, administrations of their international offices, strategy and research departments, experts of the DAAD and other science organizations, politics and economy.

Focus topics 

  • Geopolitical framework, opportunities and constraints
  • Value-based foreign science policy in the field of tension between technological sovereignty and international scientific cooperation
  • International experts, diversity & equal opportunities