Prep Courses for Engineering Programs

Under the leadership of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Stuttgart, and in cooperation with the TU9 Alliance, a number of Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences have developed two online prep courses (in German only) to prepare students for engineering degree courses.

Participation is free of charge nationwide and without the need for registration. The course materials are under an open license and can be reused as needed. Both online prep courses are regularly updated and recommended by the TU9 Alliance.

Online Prep Course – Mathematics

The Online Prep Course in Mathematics (in German only) uses instructional texts, explanatory videos and exercises to convey material at upper secondary school level (Gymnasium, grade 11-13) and is intended to offer prospective students the opportunity to review and refresh the math they learned at school.

The prep course offers ten learning modules. These cover the topics of elementary arithmetic, equations with one unknown, inequalities with one unknown, systems of linear equations, elementary geometry, elementary functions, differential calculus, integral calculus, orientation in the two-dimensional coordinate system, and descriptive vector geometry basics. 

Prep Course Mathematics

Online Prep Course – Physics

The Online Prep Course in Physics (in German only) provides prospective students and students in their first semesters with basic knowledge, thus facilitating their entry into university physics. A comprehensive online concept was developed for the course and common entry standards for students in physics were established.

Four chapters introduce basic topics in physics – mechanics, electromagnetism, optics and thermodynamics – all of which are important for the first semesters of a STEM major. The lesson texts are supplemented with illustrative examples, instructional videos, illustrations of experiments and interactive applets. Exercises allow students to revise and consolidate what they have learned. 

Prep Course Physics