The TU9 Alliance is making a strong case for STEM - with national and international projects, for different target groups and with renowned partners from science, business and politics.

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TU9 Conference

“Future of Internationalization – Strengthening Excellence, Shaping Strategy”

The two-day event of the TU9 Alliance enables an exclusive exchange in a small circle against the background of the process for the further development of the "Strategie der Wissenschaftsminister/innen von Bund und Ländern für eine Internationalisierung der Hochschulen“. The event is also intended to formulate joint positions and needs of universities with strong research capabilities.
Invited are university administrations of research-strong universities, administrations of their international offices, strategy and research departments, experts of the DAAD and other science organizations, politics and economy.



STEM Study Exploration Week for Students from German Schools Abroad

Every year, the TU9-ING-Woche offers an exclusive insight into engineering and natural science study programs along a socially relevant topic of the future. Laboratory visits, lectures and internships, insights into STEM professions, exchanges with students and, of course, a cultural program have made the STEM Study Exploration Week for students from German schools abroad a success since 2011. It now takes place annually at two TU9 Universities in parallel, and since 2020 the TU9-ING-Woche has also been available digitally.

TU9-DAAD-Innovation Week

Think. Create. Innovate.

Think. Create. Innovate. Under this motto, the TU9-DAAD Innovation Week supports international early career researchers on their way from idea to start-up. Introduced by TU9 and DAAD in 2019, the program comprises pitch trainings, one-on-one counselling and advice, networking events and information on funding opportunities. Participants from all over the world will get an exclusive insight into the start-up centers and business incubators of the TU9 Universities and the start-up scene in Germany.


TU9-IITs-Master's Scholarships

Combined Study and Practice Stays for Engineers from Developing Countries (KOSPIE)

Introduced in 2007, the DAAD KOSPIE program enables Master’s students from selected Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to travel to Germany for a seven-month research stay at a TU9 University. DAAD awards the students a scholarship allowing them to conduct their research project for their Master’s degree in engineering, mathematics or a natural science discipline.

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Cooperation Project on Quality Assurance of Scholarly Journals

The EQUAP2 project (Evaluating the Quality Assurance Process in Scholarly Publishing) is a collaborative project between the TU9 libraries and eight Swiss libraries and associations. It focuses on the journals (closed, hybrid, and open access) of the eleven strongest interdisciplinary scholarly publishers and examines their quality assurance processes as well as their implementation in practice. By means of a broad survey, concrete experiences of authors, reviewers and/or editors will be collected and evaluated. The aim of the project is to provide an empirical basis to formulate recommendations for the design of the open access transformation process.


STEM4All – STEM Fun from 6 to 99

Digital Tinkering, Info and Experiments for Children and Teens

Online STEM offerings from TU9 Universities for viewing and participation. Be it the children's university, videos with lectures for children and teens, creative math, information and learning material, STEM experiment tasks, cryptology for beginners or the B!G B4NG Challenge – the interactive contact and learning programs offer something for all.   

TU9 Sneak Peek Bachelor 2021

TU9 Sneak Peek Bachelor

Online Study Information Day

Get to know nine leading Technical Universities live in one day - this opportunity is offered by the TU9 Sneak Peek Bachelor. The Online Study Information Day provides an insight into STEM studies at TU9 Universities - with valuable tips and advice on studying, applying and where to study. During the virtual all-day event, prospective students have the opportunity to get concrete information and ask questions in the individual live sessions of the TU9 Universities.

TU9 Sneak Peek

TU9 Sneak Peek Master

Online Study Information Day

The TU9 Sneak Peek Master offers international bachelor students and graduates the opportunity to find out about the range of English-language Master's programs at TU9 Universities in a virtual format. Study programs and study locations as well as the advantages of studying for a Master's degree in Germany and the application requirements are presented. Experts from the TU9 Universities will be available in live sessions to answer questions about studying for a master's degree at one of the nine leading Technical Universities in Germany.


Joint Korean-German Conference

ADeKo Science Conference in Cooperation with TU9

The Joint Korean-German Conference on relevant future-focused topics was launched in 2009 by the Alumni Network Germany Korea (ADeKo) and has been held alternately in Korea and Germany since 2016 - the conference in Germany is always hosted by a TU9 University. ADeKo, with around 20,000 members the world's largest national network of Korean Germany alumni, is the organizer of the science conference. On average, 5,000 Koreans study at German universities each year, and 800 begin their studies in Germany every year.