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Science needs liberal democracy and the rule of law

TU9 Universities are open communities based on mutual tolerance and respect. Our excellence in science is based on independence, diversity in opinion and culture, and freedom of expression.

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TU9 Position Paper

TU9 Alliance

TU9 is the Alliance of leading Universities of Technology in Germany: RWTH Aachen University, Technische Universität Berlin, University of Braunschweig - Institute of Technology, Technical University of Darmstadt, TUD Dresden University of Technology, Leibniz University Hannover, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Technical University of Munich and University of Stuttgart.


TU9 Universities

  • excel in pioneering creative research in engineering and the natural sciences.
  • work from basic to applied research in numerous collaborations, including across disciplinary boundaries.
  • drive groundbreaking innovation through collaboration with numerous global corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and start-ups.
  • promote German Engineering worldwide and attract the brightest minds.
  • pool expertise in diverse disciplines, creating ideal conditions with an international and inspirational work environment for researchers from all over the world.
  • use innovative teaching and learning formats, training excellent young talent for key roles in science, business, and society.
  • foster strategic alliances with top international institutions.
  • serve as valued partners in research, business, and policymaking.
  • are regional economic powerhouses and national innovation drivers.


A hallmark of TU9 Universities is their cosmopolitan outlook, providing an inspirational work environment, fostering strategic alliances with leading institutions worldwide and promoting the global reach of the label German Engineering.

TU9 internationalization activities range from expanding institutional networks to research collaborations and recruiting outstanding talents at all career levels. TU9 Alumni have the knowledge and skills sought after nationally and internationally to meet the social challenges faced today and shape tomorrow’s world.

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Int. Cooperations

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Leading Technical Universities as Drivers of Societal Transformation

As an Alliance of Leading Technical Universities, we take special responsibility for the productive and innovative strength of our society and economy. We help shape the future by contributing to digitization and the energy and sustainability transition, to name a few. To this end, we combine our specific expertise in basic research, especially in the natural sciences and engineering, with applied research and innovation.

Based on our broad canon of disciplines, which besides engineering and natural sciences, includes humanities, social sciences and medicine, we develop creative solutions for the complex global challenges of today and tomorrow. Our inter- and transdisciplinary research brings together diverse expertise based on strong disciplines. It is our hallmark and success factor. Naturally, we think in multiple perspectives and solve problems holistically.

Our students acquire these competencies from the very beginning. Our teaching and learning settings combine subject matter focus with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary breadth. Successful teaching and learning take place in living labs on real life projects and in diverse teams. We act as a talent magnet and attract an above-average number of international students. We regard studying as a lifelong process. Further scientific training and qualification is naturally part of our portfolio. This makes us a key player in securing skilled workers, especially in the STEM sector, which is an essential prerequisite for our country's economic performance.

In research and teaching, we also cooperate with the business community. We encourage all members of our universities to start up their own businesses and support them on the path from idea to company. Thus, our universities are hubs and drivers of vibrant innovation ecosystems. Excellent basic research is the foundation of disruptive innovations.

Multiple perspectives are a prerequisite for finding forward-looking answers to the major challenges we face. We are committed to the principles of equality, diversity and anti-discrimination and integrate scientists and employees from all over the world into our institutions. As Technical Universities, we seek in-depth exchange and an open multilogue in networks with our partners in science, business, society, and politics on a regional, national, European and global level. We are convinced that cooperative connections lead to transformative solutions.

A great curiosity, the courage to shape change, a pronounced focus on solutions, the conviction of the added value of intensive cooperation and the appreciation of diverse perspectives are part of our self-conception. They are the key to the urgent transformation processes in our society.

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