STEM Study Exploration Week for Students at German Schools Abroad

The TU9-ING-Woche offers participants an exclusive insight into study programs in engineering and natural sciences based on a socially relevant, future-focused topic.
The Study Exploration Week takes place at the end of August each year at two TU9 Universities in parallel. A total of 40 students from all over the world have the opportunity to gain an insight into STEM studies at a TU9 University in Germany.

In visits to institutes and laboratories as well as during lectures, participants are informed about the contents of study programs and are introduced both to the work of researchers and the career opportunities a STEM degree program offers. In workshops, they become active themselves, applying knowledge they have already gained and putting study content into practice. An integral part of the Study Exploration Week involves a visit to a local company. There, participants experience the practical application of engineering and scientific knowledge first-hand and become acquainted with examples from the STEM working world. Meeting resident STEM students, TU9-ING-Woche Alumni and, last but not least, their fellow participants, the students have the opportunity to exchange ideas, get to know each other and build connections.

The Study Exploration Week is rounded off by a cultural program: During a guided tour of the city, a visit to a museum or joint excursions, participants become familiar with the respective study location and the cultural diversity it boasts.

The TU9-ING-Woche is part of DAAD’s BIDS Initiative and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. All participants receive a scholarship for their participation in the STEM Study Exploration Week.

In 2021, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and University of Stuttgart jointly invite you to the STEM Study Exploration Week with its guiding theme "Shaping the future with MINT - YOUR studies for a more sustainable world".

Further information (in German): TU9-ING-Woche Handout, Information on Scholarship and Application Procedure.

Past STEM Study Exploration Weeks

Initiated in 2011, the STEM Study Exploration Week (TU9-ING-Woche) has since been held annually at one TU9 University. Since 2019 it has been organized in parallel by two TU9 Universities. Every year, around 40 students from all over the world can experience the study opportunities available in the field of STEM at a Technical University in Germany and get a first glimpse in how the everyday life of students looks like.

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TU9-ING-Woche 2020

RWTH Aachen University & Technical University of Darmstadt

The TU9 Universities RWTH Aachen University and Technical University of Darmstadt hosted the STEM Study Exploration Week in 2020, which was held virtually on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. From August 24th to 28th, a total of 33 students from German schools abroad had the opportunity to participate in the virtual program with online seminars, workshops, chats and study advice.

The award-winning final reports by TU9-ING-Woche 2020 participants give insight into the program and how it was received by the participating students (in German). 

You can not only read about the participants' experiences but also watch two videos by Nadine from Egypt and Sofia from Portugal to find out about the TU9-ING-Woche 2020 (in German).


TU9-ING-Woche 2019

Braunschweig Institute of Technology & Leibniz University Hannover

In 2019, the TU9-ING-Woche was held in parallel at Braunschweig Institute of Technology and Leibniz University Hannover from August 25th to 31st. It gave a total of 40 students the oppor-tunity to gain an insight into STEM studies in Germany. At Braunschweig Institute of Technolo-gy, the theme was “We move. Mobilität der Zukunft” (mobility of the future), while the TU9-ING-Woche at Leibniz University Hannover focused on energy technology.

In the selected and awarded final reports, the participants describe their experiences and im-pressions during the STEM Study Exploration Week. TU9-ING-Woche participant Eren Ceylan submitted his final report as a video, interviewing himself about the week. (Reports and Video are in German.)